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About Visitor Center

In 2004, the National Bank of Serbia, as a modern national and European institution, launched exhibition and educational activities aimed at raising public awareness of the role the central bank plays in society.

The Visitor Centre of the National Bank of Serbia was formed as an educational and exhibition centre which features a standing museum exhibition, periodical exhibitions, and supporting educational and interactive activities. The programmes intended for public viewing are displayed in two buildings of the National Bank of Serbia located in:

  • 12 Kralja Petra St.
  • 17 Nemanjina St.

Implementing the National Bank’s policy of openness to the public, the Centre has become an important venue for extra-curricular learning, combining financial, cultural and historical education, of the young in particular.

In addition to Belgrade, these activities are also performed in other towns in Serbia. 

On 18 May 2007, the International Museum Day, the Visitor Centre won the annual Project of the Year award of the National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). Explaining its decision, the Committee stated:
“The Visitor Centre with its activities is a unique museum project in our country, setting an example to be followed by other important state institutions. For this reason, the Committee has decided to present it with the Project of the Year award.”


The National Bank of Serbia received the recognition in Amsterdam, on 2 April 2012, for its contribution to the financial education of children and youth.
At the first convening of CYFI’s (Child and Youth Finance International) Child and Youth Summit in Amsterdam in 2012, representatives of the National Bank of Serbia were presented the award for outstanding contribution of the National Bank of Serbia and the visionary and innovative approach it applies in the financial education of youth in its country (Country Award).

Basic information:

The standing exhibition “Money in the Territory of Serbia – from its first appearance until today” and accompanying themed exhibitions are open to the public at the National Bank of Serbia’s building at 12 Kralja Petra Street. The exhibitions are open to visitors on working days from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. which is the same time that educational activities take place.

Groups and schools are requested to book their visits in advance. The exhibition presentations and lectures are tailored to the age, profile and special requirements of the visitors. Group visits include 15–30 visitors and last up to 60 minutes per group. The request for a visit should be submitted by an authorised person at: +381 11 302 71 28 and +381 11 302 73 64, in writing at: izlozba@nbs.rs , or fax: +381 11 328 22 85. The date and time of the visit are confirmed after an authorised person submits the list of visitors and the confirmation that group members are familiar and will comply with the Code of Conduct in the NBS Visitor Centre.

Guided tours are organised in Serbian and English.

Entrance, guided tours, lectures, educational programmes and interactive contents are free of charge!

Visitor Centre of the National Bank of Serbia as a Place of Social Harmony
Vesna Kovač and Sandra Jakonić
(Romanian Journal of Museums, 2010)

The Bank’s building at 17 Nemanjina Street hosts temporary exhibitions and social and cultural events on working days from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Access to persons with disabilities is enabled.

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