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Educational Activities

Keeping up with the world and recognising the need and importance of youth financial education, since 2005 the Visitor Centre has been organising financial education programmes for young people aged 5–19 years. During lectures and creative workshops, young people can learn about the history of money and the dinar, the concept and role of a central bank in the financial and monetary system of a country, importance of saving, negative effects of inflation, banking products, and counterfeit money and how to recognise it.

Youth financial education is of particular importance as they will participate in the financial market of the future and face ever-greater financial risks and increasingly complex financial products. Also, young people are excellent intermediaries – they spread new habits and culture and have an impact on the people around them – their parents and family in the first place. Decisions they make in the future will shape not only themselves and their immediate vicinity, but society at large.

The subject matter and the manner of organising educational activities are tailored to the category of participants, their age and any special requirements of educators or other participants.

Educational activities are held in Belgrade and cities and towns across Serbia.

Global Money Week

Since 2013, the NBS has taken part in the “Global Money Week”, organised every March across the globe by the Child and Youth Finance International.

To mark this occasion, the NBS carries out activities aimed at financial education of elementary and secondary school pupils and students in Belgrade and throughout Serbia.