NBS hosts fifth Moneture tournament

The fifth tournament in educational board game Moneture was held today at the National Bank of Serbia (NBS). The main prize – summer internship at the central bank was awarded to the best-ranked participants by Vice Governor Željko Jović.

Elena Vučić, a student of the Faculty of Economics in Niš, won the first place, while second and third-ranked participants were Milena Milić from the Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac and Luka Đurković from the Faculty of Economics in Pale.

Eleven faculties took part in this year’s tournament and only final year students with a grade point average of 8.00 and above were eligible to participate. In addition to our long-term collaborators – faculties of economics from Belgrade, Niš, Kragujevac and Subotica, Faculty of Business of Singidunum University, Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance – MEF, and FEFA Faculty, this year we were joined by students from the Republic of Srpska – faculties of economics from Brčko, Banja Luka and Pale, as well as the Faculty of Business Economics from Bijeljina.

“Moneture” is an educational board game that presents the NBS’s activities. By applying relevant NBS measures, a player can influence different situations in our monetary system. He thus gains or loses points and keeps inflation within the desired bounds. The points won in the game are the main indicator of success: the inflation rate, the value of the dinar and public trust.

Governor’s Office