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Within the Global Money Week the NBS presents presentations with quizzes covering the following: National Bank of Serbia, Money through History, Savings, Counterfeit Money, and Inflation.

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Joining in the celebrations of the International Day of the Francophonie, the NBS presents a catalogue for the exhibition “Paris–Belgrade 1886–2012. History of Cooperation”
La Banque Nationale de Serbie, dans le cadre de la manifestation la Journée internationale de la francophonie vous présente le cataloque „Paris – Belgrade 1886-2012. Histoires d'une coopération“.


Over the 16 years of work of the NBS Visitor Centre, more than 250,000 visitors viewed the standing and thematic exhibitions showcased in the Head Office building at Kralja Petra 12. Take a look at the Guest Book to see only a part of the comments left by our visitors.

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Serbian painters and sculptors of the 20th century - a selection from the NBS collection

Within the "Museums for 10" event, the NBS unveils an exhibition titled "Serbian painters and sculptors of the 20th century - a selection from the NBS collection". The exhibition showcases 21 representative works of the most significant Serbian authors from the 20th century and testifies to the continuity of the central financial institution's activity in the field of art.

Banknotes from WW II to date

Dinar - Our money

Workshop "Counterfeits" held at the Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance in Belgrade

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History of the National Bank of Serbia’s building

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Exhibition “The Dinar – a Journey through Time”

Within the “Museums for 10” event, the NBS presents its exhibition “The Dinar – a Journey through Time”.

The selected samples of coins, banknotes and securities, as well as other printed materials, showcase the history of the dinar – from the medieval Serbian money, through the money of the Principality and Kingdom of Serbia, to the money of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Serbia.

Workshops "Dinar – Our Money" and "Counterfeits" held at the Trade and Hospitality High School in Leskovac